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Zamzam, Nahdi Pharmacies enter into social partnership

AS part of the social partnership initiative between Zamzam Charity Association for Medical Voluntary Services and Nahdi pharmacies, healthcare services were provided to 5,000 patients and beneficiaries in different villages and towns across the Kingdom throughout 2017. The partnership included three initiatives: the Zamzam Medical Convoys, the Charity Pharmacy, and the ‘Your Riyals Give Hope’ Project.

Nahdi participated with the Zamzam Association in 27 convoys and tours to 20 villages and districts in five cities across the western region. The tour was part of the Zamzam Association Medical Convoy Initiative, where Nahdi donated SR500,000 worth of medication distributed by their pharmacists during the tours and convoys. Health educators also provided patients with educational and awareness services on to how to use medications and care for their condition. Through this initiative, the Zamzam Association manages medical convoys that visit remote villages and suburbs in need of medical care in the western region, while volunteer doctors in the convoys conduct medical checkups and prescribe suitable medications for patients.

Nahdi pharmacies provide medicine to beneficiaries by offering a charity discount to the Zamzam Association through the Charity Pharmacy Initiative, in which the foundation targets those who can’t secure medication for themselves or their families. Medicine was provided to more than 1,800 patients who benefited from charity discounts reaching 15 percent through this initiative.

In the third initiative titled “Your Riyals Give Hope,” Nahdi guests donate their change from purchases to help patients in need through the Charity Pharmacy Initiative. More than 208 thousand guests participated by donating more than 108 thousand SAR, which contributed to the treatment of 200 patients in need. Those donations are distributed periodically according to the agreement between Nahdi and the Zamzam Association.

Nahdi CEO Eng. Yasser Joharji said: “Thanks to God, our partnership with the Zamzam Association is entering its second year. Signing the memorandum of understanding with the association came in line with the context of the Nahdi strategy and within the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, with the objective to expand its community health services. We strive for Nahdi to become a central pharmacy that provides medication to the community, in addition to its role in education and awareness. Our partnership with the Zamzam Association will certainly give us the opportunity to expand the umbrella of healthcare to a large number of individuals, and to serve patients and unburden their suffering.”

Joharji further said Nahdi pharmacies have formed strategic partnerships with many reputable charitable foundations, such as the Zamzam Charity Association for Medical Voluntary Service in Makkah, and the Charitable Health Society for Patients Care (ENAYA) in Riyadh, which come within the framework of fruitful collaborations to achieve common aspirations in the field of volunteer work and social responsibility. Joharji added: “These partnerships give Nahdi the opportunity to support the medical tours and convoys organized by those foundations, and the chance to allocate our resources and expertise in many charitable healthcare projects that provide medication to underprivileged patients.”

Dr. Adnan Albar, Chairman of the Zamzam Charity Association for Medical Voluntary Services, signed a memorandum of understanding with Joharji in which Nahdi supports medical tours and convoys organized by the Zamzam Association. The memorandum included various charitable healthcare initiatives and projects that strive to serve patients in need in the Kingdom’s governorates and villages. — SG

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