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Kuwait prepares plan to employ only Kuwaitis in government contracts

As part of a move by the parliament as well as manpower planning departments, Kuwait has prepared a plan to employ only Kuwaitis in government contracts, reported Arab Times, quoting Al-Rai daily.

Accordingly, Hind Al-Sabeeh, the Minister of State for Economic Affairs and Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, is set to hold further meetings with members of the Replacement Committee that has compiled the data, statistics and information on the subject.

Khalil Al-Saleh, member of parliament who heads the committee, said a comprehensive plan will be put in place after receiving information concerning employment in the private sector, and tackling the demographic imbalance. The technical office of the committee has prepared a study to protect Kuwaitis working in the private sector to ensure their occupational security, he added.

Al-Saleh said the technical office has also prepared a study to encourage Kuwaitis to work in the private sector. As part of this move, Kuwait is planning to revise the National Manpower Support Law No. 19 of the year 2000 and the Cabinet Decision No. 1028 of 2014 amending the rates of national employment in the private sector.

The study also includes the issuance of government decisions to prevent the repeated dismissal of employees from the private sector, and to conduct a media campaign and awareness and education seminars for graduates on the labor law in the private sector and the National Manpower Support Law, and their rights and duties.

As well as explaining the unemployment law, Kuwaiti graduates would be encouraged to work in companies and banks without hesitation or fear, for salaries and benefits better than those provided by the government sector.

The study also included reviewing and amending the provisions in the labor law for the private sector, especially with regard to contracts and terminations, so that Kuwaitis feel safer, more stable and encouraged to work in the private sector.

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