Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK) highlights latest HVAC technologies

IN a step to shed the light on the importance of reliability and maintenance in the HVAC industry, “Eurasiayan”, specialized in structuring events and meetings, organized the 13th Annual Corporate Maintenance Forum, the Reliability & Maintenance Conference and Exhibition that was planned for Saudi Aramco and its Joint Ventures. The event, sponsored by Yanbu Refinery Department, was jointly endorsed by the Maintenance Council of Saudi Aramco and Reliability Community of Practice (RCoP) and hosted up to 200 Reliability & Maintenance Professionals over 3 days in private, to discuss the challenges, explore the latest trends, offer insights, solutions and practical examples through in-depth discussions to improve the ground zero realities. Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), a leading provider of HVAC, fire and security systems, building management systems, controls systems, and aftermarket services contributed as a workshop sponsor of the Reliability and Maintenance conference and exhibition.

Commenting on the event, Abdulatif Alshami, Manager Yanbu Refinery Department, Saudi Aramco. said: “This event brought the latest insights from various solution providers’ experts within our company, JVs and international experts too, on how they define reliability and successfully face it and develop the best technologies in today’s environment to achieve and sustain safe, reliable and efficient operations and maintenance.”

Dr. Mohanad Al Shaikh, CEO of Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), said: “We are pleased to highlight latest technologies during this professional conference. Our team of qualified engineers highlighted the work with process proponents & consulting engineers offering Innovative approach with high added value to clients in terms of economic outlay and efficient operation to HVAC systems. On another hand, we provide world-class technician training, periodic safety orientation and special job site-training programs that show our commitment to developing local talents. These programs also help prevent accidents as well as lost man hours and company revenue.”

During the conference, Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK) addressed reliability, at several levels and the most effective technologies: the (YMC2) Chiller; operating with magnetic bearings that offer superior reliability and performance. This chiller’s oil-free design helps reduce system maintenance requirements and costs, because its magnetic bearing technology eliminates oil, mechanical seals, wear surfaces and gears for longer machine life, contributing to increased component and system reliability. The company also shed the light on component design, equipment fabrication, strict quality control and rigorous testing, matching right equipment with the application, system engineering and commissioning.

A group of experienced engineers from Al Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), in their workshop presentation, highlighted Chiller solutions: a reliable component, equipment and systems, in addition to Air Cooled Screw Chiller: building reliability in chillers, the reliability of Variable Speed Air Cooled Screw Chiller, Semi-Industrial grade Screw compressors, the VSD Chiller: a technology leadership, as well as the Microchannel Condenser. Furthermore, the engineers discussed the importance of the Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers, Custom Tailored Machines and other successful case studies that the company previously recorded.

“We, as a key player in the HVAC industry are keen to develop technologies that best serve mega-companies as Saudi Aramco as well as other companies requiring our services in a step to contribute to the Saudi Vision 2030 in terms of reliability and energy efficiency. We are proud to have contributed to Saudi Aramco’s event: The Reliability and Maintenance conference and exhibition, and look forward to fruitful results”, concluded Dr. Al Shaikh. — SG

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